The Nova Comedy Collective hosts classes and workshops in improv, comedy, and other live arts at all levels of experience. Our instructors are encouraging, knowledgeable, and have experience in performance, artistic direction, and production. We are committed to hosting class environments that are welcoming and accessible, and that bring the fun and exploration to every level!

Skills for Advanced Improv

with Kayleigh Kane

This weekly class will deep-dive into skills like emotion, pacing, and character to expand your toolkit for advanced theatrical improvisation.

First class: April 2nd, 2024

Musical Improv Workshop

with Nathan Cowper

This 2 hour workshop will introduce you to the skills you need to start meaningfully incorperating music into your improv scenes!

Class on April 20, 2024

Grounding the Absurd

with Whitney Hawkins

This 2.5 hour workshop will help you bring new and deeper meaning to all your scene work! It’s the remedy for another scene about roommates.

On sale now! Class on June 1, 2024!

Exploring Format: MONOSCENE

with Sam Hoar

More info coming soon!

Improv Information For Your Everyday Life

with Shiyanbade Animashaun

More info coming soon!


with Sam Hoar

More info coming soon!

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