Adventure Improv Auditions

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Our Cast:

This show is for performers who are hungry to experience the unexpected, to take the boldest and strangest suggestions and create something meaningful. I am looking for performers who are supportive of their scene partners – both onstage and off;  who receive every offer with a sense of whimsy and adventure; who appreciate children’s entertainment for its earnest emotional depth; who always play to the top of their intelligence; and who improvise with energy, patience, and joy. 

We are seeking performers of all races, ethnicities, ages (18+), body types, abilities, and gender identities. BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists are encouraged to apply.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Some improv experience is required
  • Musical Improv experience is not required, but you must be willing and eager to learn!
  • Must be willing to commit to at least 3 weekly rehearsals per month
  • Must behave with respect and kindness to all cast, crew, and audience members

Time Commitment & Pay

  • Shows: One Saturday/month, 2pm start, 1:30pm call, The Rockwell, Davis Square
    • Cast will rotate with advanced notice
  • Rehearsals:
  • Pay: Cast members will receive an approx. $150 honorarium every 6 month season to cover parking, gas, etc.
    • We value your time and talents, and are committed to improving performer pay to reflect this over time. With demonstrated success, we plan to increase performer pay incrementally each season.

Adventure Improv Show Overview:

Adventure Improv is an improvised expedition – exploring the bizarre, topsy-turvy landscape of imagination! Every performance will be an entirely unique experience, providing our audience entry into a whimsical world tailor-made just for them. From the moment lights go up, our improvisers will interact with the audience, gathering suggestions to inspire improvised scenes in worlds that have never been seen before. There will be mini-games and challenges sprinkled throughout the show to provide bursts of high energy and hilarious competition. Kids in the audience will also have opportunities to join us on-stage to participate in our scenes and feel like absolute rockstars! Our Musical Director will be improvising alongside us throughout the show, underscoring every scene and launching our performers into Broadway-worthy songs. Our Technical Director will create vibrant visual landscapes that are sure to engage audience members of any age. Our whole team will stick around after every show to interact with audience members, take pictures, answer questions, and establish performer-audience relationships.

We build community around the families who love this show. Kids get the opportunity to shape their own show by being seen, heard, and honored by our performers, as well as the chance to get onstage themselves! The adults in their lives revel in the chance to have their kids entertained in a safe and engaging atmosphere, while being entertained themselves. We will provide them inside jokes to share with their kids, community space with like-minded comedy-loving caregivers, and photo opportunities galore! 

Our Team:

Director: Whitney Hawkins

Whitney Hawkins hails from the Philadelphia suburbs and is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. After years of performing and studying dance, musical theater, and creative writing, she finally found the wonderful world of Improv and fell madly in love! She believes the most compelling improv comes from exploring emotionally grounded characters in absurd situations, nonverbal communication, and fully embracing the infinite possibilities of theater without sets, scripts, or casting. Her goals as a director are to put on a show that is entertaining and accessible for all ages, and to facilitate a fun and challenging creative playground for her performers. 

Whitney is proud to be a founder of The Nova Comedy Collective. She currently coaches the Union Comedy house team, Big Allowance, and can be seen performing with her improv duo, Delilah Chaplin. Her past credits include ImprovBoston’s National Touring Company, Family Show (Director), Harold Night, and AllAccess. She co-created and co-directed the independent projects ClueProv: A Comedy of Murders, GoreFest XVII: Maul of America, and Knights of Prospect. 

Producer: Marissa Farmer

Marissa Farmer boasts a track record spanning over six years as a contributor to the realm of improv comedy. Notably, she served as the driving force behind Comedy Lab, a longstanding showcase that featured up to six comedy acts per week. Additionally, Marissa spearheaded the production of Queer Qomedy Hour, a comedy show that prominently featured and celebrated individuals within the LGBTQIA+ community. Marissa has consistently demonstrated the ability to curate and participate in a spectrum of projects in comedy.

Musical Director: Nathan Cowper

Nathan Cowper is a local musician who has been playing piano since childhood, improvising since high school, and doing both together for over 5 years. He writes and records surreal indie music under the name Arugula Oglethorpe and thinks decaf tastes exactly like regular coffee.